Fresh. Snakes & Lattes.

I’ve always liked living in Toronto, or Scarborough to be more precise. Of course, I’ve never really lived anywhere else and thus there’s no comparison to be made. But I like being part of a big city, even if we are not as well known as New York, Paris or London. Perhaps that’s part of why I like it so much – even though Toronto can be considered a big city, it’s still underrated and I’m certain that it has its own hidden charm. I’ve always wanted to take a tour of Toronto, because even though I’ve been a resident of this city for all my life, I haven’t even explored this city properly. I do want to venture to downtown Toronto more often, but the commute downtown is usually what puts me off. Perhaps I’ll put in a little more effort to explore this city of mine and not let the trivial matters prevent me from doing so.

With the suggestion of a friend of mine, we decided to spend an afternoon downtown during reading week. Since there was a “storm,” we did not end up walking around or doing the adventure that I wanted to at first. But we still managed to have a great time. I’m not sure if it’s because we hardly leave the Scarborough-Markham area, or because I was with my friends, or because downtown really is that great. Perhaps it’s a combination of all three. Scarborough-Markham area has its own virtues, of course. But I suppose I’m just a little too accustomed and familiar with it now to be impressed with it. Perhaps, I’ll have to try to open my mind and allow myself to be more grateful for what we do have here too. There is definitely potential for some wanderlust here.

Without further ado, my first Wanderlust, Toronto edition, as it seems extreme to call it a travel diary.


326 Bloor Street West (Fresh on Bloor location)

Mushroom onion burger: sautéed mushroom & onions, tomato, lettuce, alfafa sprouts and house mayo. Whole wheat bun. Vegan burger patty. Marinated kale slaw.



My first vegetarian meal, aside from a previous Chinese vegetarian experience that I don’t remember enjoying. Verdict? It was, surprisingly, very tasty and filling. The only problem (if you can call it that) is the fact that once I put my bunger together, it was huge and I had a little trouble eating it. My first bite? I only managed to get the bottom piece of bread and a bit of the vegan burger patty. But otherwise, a very enjoyable meal. I think that I will try different vegetarian alternatives from now on.

Snakes and Lattes

600 Bloor Street West

Mango-strawberry slushie. Bananagrams. Malarky. Yahtzee. Mad Gab.





Funniest moment (in my opinion) of the afternoon was when we were playing Malarky. Question #1: Why do hospitals gown tie in back?


Michael: It’s more convenient since most common medical procedures take place in the back.
Carmen: As the extremities are in the front, tying in the back will ensure that when the person is walking, their body is not revealed through the gap.
Stina: People are worried about exposing their underwear sizes to others.
Dee: It’s easier to poo in, since diarrhea is the most common side effect from medications and procedures.

As I knew that I was bluffing, that Stina’s didn’t make sense, and I know diarrhea is not the most common side effect; I decided to vote for Michael. When we revealed our chips, it turned out that Stina had the right answer. But something about her answer seemed off, so I asked to see the Answer card.


As you can see, instead of Answer 1 (It makes it easier for nurses to change the gowns of bedridden patients), she gave us Answer 2 instead. I knew that it didn’t make sense since underwear sizes are in the back, so if patients were worried about revealing their underwear sizes, the ties should be in the back. Then again, do people wear underwear under the hospital gowns? Regardless, it was a hilarious moment when we realized she “cheated” or pulled a malarky on us when she wasn’t supposed to.

All in all, a wonderful afternoon. More wanderlust adventures to come.

BTW, Dee, I still think you should be the one with the wall of board games since Stina has the wall of movies and I’ll have the wall of books. Just saying.



  1. LOL. >.< you didnt even mention… Mayor Lemon Row!!! =) just saying. and just to put myself under the bus … my hogging of the vowels and misuse of Split!! =P.

    so you dont know this city as well as you should … when im done with you this summer you'll know this city as well as i do =) sooo much to see and places to eat and take care of your feet cuz it involves a lot of walking so be prepared cuz i know you can handle it cross country super star

  2. AHAHHA i told her the same thing. she omitted her chinese slip up. wheres that picture of the rat sippin my nutella latte? lol.

    and yes. i will begin to build my wall of board games. seriously. lol. when i’m not so busy with life, we need to go board game shopping

  3. I agree no, mayor lemon row!? Lol.

    You also failed to mention the awesomeness that I am at bananagram and mad gab Hahaha. Though u did mention my failure at malarky… Haha.

    Who knows maybe I’ll get a nice pair of walking shoes and join you guys on these downtown explorations. Or maybe even get my bike down there sometime. I wanna see what near death experiences are like by riding a bike dt hahaha

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