Home Away From Home

I think that whenever our family goes to Asia, we’ll always make a stop at Hong Kong. I never thought that there would be a place outside of Toronto that would feel like home. Until I returned to Hong Kong. And call it sentimentality, call it the strain of a plane ride; I teared when my plane landed in Hong Kong because I had that feeling of homecoming. It’s hard to explain because I don’t know if I would ever want to live there but when I am there, I do feel a connection to the place. I miss it already; I’ll be back soon.

Sleeping arrangements at cousin’s. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too hard sleeping on the floor. Much better in comparison to sleeping in the same room as my dad as he snores.
Magda Sayeg’s international yarn project had reached Mongkok at Langham Place. Everything was made of yarn, or covered in it. Amazing and so cute!
Meeting my idols… or at least life-sized poster boards of them. Big Bang! 🙂
Langham Place
Stairs to the Hong Kong Museum of History… which closes on Tuesdays. So, we just got pictures outside.
Jumping terracotta warrior ^_^
Dad’s attempt but his new pants won’t let him jump properly. Too bad; he’d had made a decent jumping terracotta warrior too.
A&F has arrived in Hong Kong… with their trademark models roaming the city by day and night on a double decker.
Hong Kong was hazy all the days we were there so we weren’t able to view the skyline with a clearer view.
The Olympics has arrived in Hong Kong. Special The Dog display of different parts of the world – this particular one of London (notice the red double decker?).
Cousin took us to a Japanese Fried Pork restaurant. This was the first time I had to work to make my own food – in this case, grinding up sesame seeds to create a sauce.
I will perhaps never get used to the amount of people that are in HK.
View from a cousin’s condo on Hong Kong island. To wake up to this every day and night must be nice.
Out for the night with family and cousin, enjoying the night view of Hong Kong.
Traditional Chinese dimsum. It takes skill to pour like this. My dad’s cousin is a pro.


HK style milk tea. Of course, in Hong Kong, they just refer to it as milk tea.
Nan Lian Garden 南蓮園池 in Kowloon. A little piece of quiet and nature in the middle of a big, busy city.



Mini cakes from the Charlie Brown Cafe that my cousin brought home for us the night before we left. The next time I go to HK, I’m definitely visiting this cafe!


  1. I thought I was the only one feeling that way about Hong Kong. I’ve only been there once and I very often dream of going back because of the feeling of being home.

    “It’s hard to explain because I don’t know if I would ever want to live there but when I am there, I do feel a connection to the place.”

    That quote is spot on with my thoughts and feelings about Hong Kong.

    Thanks for sharing your photos. It’s nice to see a bit of HK. =)

    • It’s always nice to know that you’re not the only one in the world. I thought I was a little strange for feeling the way I do. But perhaps I’m not. Or we can be strangely connected to Hong Kong together. 🙂

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