My First Time Bungee Jumping

Three years ago, when my family and I were eating at the 360 restaurant at Macau Tower, I was fascinated by a view — people flying from above me, towards the ground. They were bungee jumping or what was supposed to be bungee jumping. Despite the fact that one of these jumpers looked like they fell off the platform sideways instead of jumping properly, I was ready to go next. But since there was a two hour wait, and I was a little hesitant about asking my parents to fund me on this adventure, I decided to postpone it. But from that day, I was positive that I would be back in Macau to bungee.

And it happened. August 10th of this summer, I have finally checked off that point in my life list. #303 Bungee jumping in Macau.

We set off for the Macau Tower that morning, and I had every intention of jumping – weather permitting. But when we were discussing the details with the employee there, the weather became foul and it was raining and foggy. We went up to the observation deck to check out the situation. After 20 minutes or so of feeling setback and gloomy, the weather cleared up and I signed up right away.


I got to jump almost as soon as I was ready in my harness. And for some reasons, they let me jump before another jumper despite the fact that he’d been waiting before me. I can honestly say that I was more excited than anything else as they were prepping me for the jump. The only moment of nervousness on my part was when I was already standing on the edge of the platform, and from my peripheral vision I see a flash of lightning and the roar of the distant thunder. The storm was approaching again… but the employees deemed it safe for me to make my less-than-a-minute drop down the 233m tower.











It happened so fast yet so slow at the same time. It was freeing, as if I could really just soar into the sky — or just fall out of it. The adrenaline rush reached its high immediately after the jump, and I have to say, the rest of it was a little anticlimactic. People have asked, “How was it?” And I can try to explain again and again; but nothing will actually explain the feeling more than experiencing it for yourself. The right question to ask then is “Would I do it again?” Most definitely.



  1. You can go again for me because I’m scared shitless of that kinda stuff =P Congrats on another accomplishment off the life list!

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