Quaint Little Gastown

Without a doubt, one of my favourite Vancouver neighbourhoods. There were perhaps a little too many tourist stores but in terms of architecture and the general feeling, this was where we spent a few of my favourite Vancouver hours. It reminded me a little of Europe combined with a little town. In some ways, kind of like Main Street Markham but even more quaint and Victorian. I love cobblestone streets and streetlamps that line the streets.


One of the attractions in Gastown is the Steam Clock – which is the world’s first steam clock. Now, I really wanted a photo with the Steam Clock and there were a few fellow tourists just surrounding it but without actually going near it for photos. Finally, this old lady goes to it after giving her family a camera but she doesn’t pose and they don’t look too concerned with the camera. She ends up just standing by the Steam Clock, not looking at her family and the camera, not even looking at the Steam Clock itself. And I’m waiting there…. until I don’t want to wait anymore and decide to just walk up to the Steam Clock and take a picture with or without her. So, dear tourist woman, you are in my Steam Clock photo. Thank you for coming by.





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