Bookshops: MacLeod’s

Imagine a bookshop with shelves of books – old and new. Imagine the touch of books that have been around for decades intermingling with contemporary books – trust me, it’s not as gross as that may sound. I have always wanted to visit a bookshop and just browse for an entire day. Peruse and see if I can find a treasure amongst all those shelves. It was something that I did a little research for in preparation for my Paris trip but when the time came – when I actually found this amazing Parisian bookshop – I didn’t go in. Because I was with my parents and sister and I did not want them waiting for me. And so… I never fulfilled that dream. Luckily with D, she did not mind spending a little time in MacLeod’s with me – we just randomly happened upon it. We spent at most an hour inside and came out with a book each. Although I really wanted to find a copy of Anne of Green Gables, I didn’t find one that I wanted to have in my collection. But I loved how they had a little corner in the store of all books related to L. M. Montgomery.



The book I bought is here on this shelf. Any guesses as to which spine caught my eye?




For those of you in love with books and visiting Vancouver, definitely visit MacLeod’s (Richards St and W Pender St). It was the perfect way to spend an hour away from the rainy Vancouver day.

Honestly, if I ever need a hiatus from the teaching career that I’ve barely started… someone please find me a quaint little bookshop to work in. Bookshop, not book store – working at Indigo Chapters is not exactly what I have in mind.

If anyone knows of any great bookshops in Toronto, I would love to go and spend an afternoon there. Let me know.


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