Stanley Park

It was a personal challenge that we set out for the day with – to finish walking all around Stanley Park on the Sea Wall. What we did not factor in was the rain, the wind, the walk to Stanley Park from our hotel, the walking in the Vancouver Aquarium, and did I mention the rain? In the map of Stanley Park below, I mapped out our route (follow the paw prints). What the red arrow represents is the 2km more that we had to walk from the Sutton Place. The blue arrow represents that 2km trek back. The pushpins were the places we stopped at – the blue (totem poles), the yellow (Vancouver Aquarium), and the red (The Rose Garden). We left the hotel at 10am and returned back at around 5pm. Nothing like seven hours on your feet to tire you out.

Map was modified. Original map was a printable copy that indicates the “Services in Stanley Park.”

My next trip to Vancouver? I am definitely aiming to complete the Sea Wall walk and walk a few of the trails in the park itself. Perhaps on a nicer day without so much of the rain and wind.






Vancouver maple leaves are huge! They’re bigger than our faces.
C: (nearsighted; did not have glasses) What does that sign say? Something Point?
D: Hallelum.
C: What?
D: Hallelum? Hallulum?
(walks closer…)




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