Nami Restaurant

After a particular evening with J where we sushi-hopped in Scarborough, we decided that we should visit one of the higher end Japanese restaurants. We decided to do a little research and eventually J chose Nami, at 55 Adelaide East, downtown Toronto. At the end of the night, my wallet was a lot lighter – the weight seemingly having transferred over to my stomach. This is a glimpse into the CJKS experience at Nami. (We missed you, M!)




The standard miso soup and salad to start – except the salad dressing was different from anything I’ve ever tasted with my salad. Personally I prefer the usual dressing, but I still managed to finish my salad. I’m not sure if that’s because I grew to like the taste or because it felt too wasteful to not finish it.


Beef Amiyaki – appetizer to share.
US Black Angus cut into cubes and cooked at the table on a small Hibachi, served with sesame sauce.
This was simply delicious, although I didn’t try it with the sesame sauce (not a fan of sesame). The meat was tender and marinated just right that the lack of sauce didn’t really hinder the taste.

And then we go into what has really set me back and I have to work off (literally work, and also maybe go for a job soon).

Love Boat – set dinner for C & J.
Shrimp and vegetable tempura as an appetizer, assorted sushi (tuna roll, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp) and sashimi (tuna, snapper, mackerel, surf clam, octopus), salmon teriyaki, torikaraage (Japanese style deep fried chicken), and rice as main course. Fruit for dessert.


The assorted sushi and sashimi were not too bad, but I wouldn’t say that they were particularly spectacular either.


The salmon teriyaki looked very overwhelming since I was already quite full at this point. But the minute I bit into it, I knew it was not going to be too hard to finish it. It was, without a doubt, the best cooked salmon that I have ever had. It was not dry, nor did it really have a fishy taste. I even got S to try a bit since she’s usually our resident no-salmon girl, and she had no complaints.


The torikaraage is deep fried chicken. Anyone who has gone out to eat with me knows that I resist most things deep fried, giving a nibble every so often to “try new things”. Nevertheless, thanks to some persuasion from J, I tasted deep fried chicken that I have no objections to. Perhaps because it is so lightly deep fried, but just enough to give the chicken a crisp and light taste.


The service here is actually pretty good; though I did find it a little amusing. Every time we cleaned off a plate or bowl, within a minute, our server would be there to take it off the table. But he did get a little eager when it came to my almost-finished plates – I had to tell him I was still working on it. I do eat a little slow… but still, I clearly still had food on my plate.

The atmosphere and mood of the restaurant was very mellow and allowed us to have a good time. By the end of the meal, we were really enjoying ourselves but that could just be the company I was with. Nevertheless, I liked the decor and setup of the restaurant; there was an authentic feeling to the place – and it was nice eating at a Japanese restaurant that isn’t run by Chinese. Plus, the women all wore kimonos and Japanese wear, which added to that authenticity.

Would we go back? That is the question that I find important to ask people when talking about restaurants. For Nami, personally… I think I want to try other places as well, since I haven’t been to many Japanese restaurants outside of the Scarborough/Markham area that isn’t All-You-Can-Eat. Even so, I would definitely recommend Nami restaurant for anyone who has been passing by and intrigued by it. Just be prepared to open your wallet and try new things.

Where shall we go next?


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