Granville Island, Vancouver

I like to collect maps, brochures, pamphlets, business cards, and take-out menus when I’m on vacation. Partly because I want to remember certain places to recommend to others and to return to myself. Then there’s just the fact that I like to collect. And some business cards are really nice – the typography and such. Well, on D and my one-week stay in Vancouver, I don’t think I collected as many business cards in one place as I did on Granville Island. The businesses in this market area are just so diverse and fun to browse in.






We did our fair bit of browsing and I held off on purchases, at least until we got to Ten Thousand Villages. It’s a store that emphasizes fair trade, which you can read more about on their website. I found out later that night, we have a few in Toronto. Even so, I did come away from there with some neat purchases including two terracotta clay turtles from Bangladesh (one for J), a Tagua Nut bracelet from Ecuador, and a Bamboo Weave ornament from Vietnam. Strange to buy such multicultural items on a trip to Vancouver but there you have it.



The Public Market reminded me a little of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market but more cramped and more diverse in terms of things being sold. You have your fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, coffee shops, flowers, and Pez.







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