Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

One of my favourite days in Vancouver is what I am referring to as the Japanese day. Why? Because there were Japanese contributions in the history of the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. We had a Japadog for lunch back in downtown Vancouver and we have an amazing Japanese dinner at Hapa Izakaya that night. So, like I was saying – favourite day, Japanese day.


But to focus, the Capilano Suspension Bridge ended up being more of a thrill than I thought it would be. Perhaps because I was very set on zip-lining on Grouse Mountain in preparation for this trip. But since that excursion did not go through – thank you rainy weather – the Capilano Suspension Bridge ended up relieving some of that disappointment. The thrill of going across this 450-foot suspension bridge over the Capilano river and canyon floor (at a height of 230 feet) is amazing. I love heights and this was definitely a nice and safe thrill. Thinking back, I think what’s even more amazing is the fact that we trust that these constructions are safe and will not snap, leaving us to plummet down. The fact that so many of us can go and cross this bridge without giving it much of a thought is definitely fascinating on its own.





Capilano Suspension Bridge Park does include more than the suspension bridge itself (did you notice the Park part?) Included is the Treetops adventure, where you can follow a path that goes amongst the trees on platforms as high as 10 stories. Along the way are interesting fun facts about the trees and wildlife that depends on the trees for survival.



Another attraction is the Cliffwalk that goes along the side of the granite cliff and gives you an amazing perspective above the canyon.



Without a doubt, this is one of my favourite Vancouver attractions – the views are spectacular and the thrills definitely make it different from the other tourist attractions.




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