D and I saw these a couple of times since we walked everywhere when we were in downtown Vancouver. It wasn’t until she got hungry and didn’t want just a regular hot dog that we decided to try one of these. Besides, the photos with all the celebrities who have tried the Japadog does have an effect on you when you’re hungry.


D decided to try the Spicy Cheese Terimayo. I got the Beef Terimayo. We did learn somethiing new that day: Terimayo = teriyaki sauce + mayonnaise.



Final verdict?
D was never a fan of mayonnaise but gave it a thumbs up.
I’m usually not a fan of onions but the combination was surprisingly good. I shall award it a “yummy in my tummy” award.


One comment

  1. OMMMGGG I wanted to try this when I went cause my friend who lives in Vancouver said we MUST but I never got a chance; Only because we had limited times we were able to go out to eat T___T I wanted to go to the one in NYC but since we’re not going….. 😥 I usually don’t like complicated foods with so many different ingredients but these looks so yummy!

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