Street Food: Mandu 만두

One of the things I love most about where I live is that I can walk out of my building and in 30 seconds reach this little mandu place on the corner of the next building. Honestly, seeing that steam rise into the cold winter air on mornings gets me excited for the rest of my day. On my first time going to the place, I decided to just try each of the three mandu that they sell. It was also very helpful that the mandu ahjumma (as I like to refer to her) speaks a little English and she tried her best to let me know what each of them were. There is the meat mandu, the kimchi mandu, and the red bean mandu.


I decided to eat the red bean mandu (만두) first since I’m not a fan of red bean. It’s also the biggest out of the three and ended up filling me up. I can’t say that I’m a fan of red bean… but the fact that I finished it is evidence of one of two things (or both) – that it wasn’t that bad or that my being in Korea has made me become a lot more open-minded when it comes to food.


The next ones I ate were the meat and kimchi ones. And they were pretty much the same except the kimchi one has kimchi. But these were my favourite by far – I love the meat and clear Korean noodles that’s in them. Perhaps the regular meat mandu more since I’m still me, and my preferences will always lean towards the plainer side of things.



Anyways, this is my 만두 joint – I am determined to become a regular customer at this place and become friendly with the 만두 ahjumma and ahjussi. I’ve already frequented the place four times out of my first week here. And I recently bought a container so that I don’t end up with a styrofoam collection from them.


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