Pizza in Korea

The first time I had something other than tomato sauce on my pizza back home in Toronto, I thought it was the weirdest thing I’d ever do to my pizza. That is, until I came to Korea and had pizza here. If I thought having bbq sauce and assorted meats was weird; well, I was definitely unprepared for pizza that had sweet potato, corn, and pumpkin on it. Truth is, if this was back home, I would never have tried it. But I’m in Korea – and the rules have all changed.

First Korean pizza experience ever: sweet potato pizza. 고구마!
Thin Italian Bacon pizza; with sweet potato and corn, of course as its foundation.
Bulgogi pizza with bite-size pieces. We wanted to try the bite-size. But I wasn’t a fan of it since it’s just pumpkin inside the dough. There wasn’t as much bulgogi on the pizza as we thought there would be either.
A proper pepperoni pizza – no pumpkins or pickles or sweet potato. It was a wonderfully strange relief to know and eat pizza like the pizza back home.

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