Seoul Grand Park 서울대공원: National Museum of Contemporary Art

The name is a little deceiving – 서울대공원, Seoul Grand Park. Apparently, it’s not even in Seoul – but in the city of Gwacheon 과천시. But regardless of its location – it was a really nice place to go to on a fine Sunday. There are so many different attractions at the park – but our target of the day was the National Museum of Contemporary Art. One of the wonderful things I’ve discovering here in Korea is that a lot of entrance fees are pretty inexpensive – or in the case of NMOCA, completely free (at least for the exhibits we went to). Either way, we’ll be back to see more of Seoul Grand Park. I really want to go to Seoul Grand Park Zoo, the rose garden, and SeoulLand (roller coasters!)












One comment

  1. Ohhh I’ve seen pictures of that computer screen piece. I learned about it in a media class… back when I was still a media major haha. Exciting. Now I want to move there for a year!

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