Restaurant: 반저

The wonderful thing about having made new Korean friends is that they know where to take you for dinner. One of my orientation leaders actually lives in Seoul and we made plans to go out for dinner as a group. K took us to 반저, a restaurant by Hyewha station for what she could only describe as a fusion seafood restaurant.

I can’t recall what this is exactly – only that it’s to prevent hangovers. I do believe it’s the first time I’ve ever had a pre-hangover drink.
Squid pancakes.
My saran-wrapped apple for…
… my apple soju cocktail? It also served as a nice, healthy dessert afterwards.
Pumpkin and seafood pasta.
I learned something new this night: you can eat the skin of a pumpkin. Very strange. I still haven’t quite acquired a taste for pumpkins but living here, I think it’d change.
Egg omelette with cheese, vegetables, and meat of some sort; and the shavings of bonito (katsuobushi).

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