Restaurant: 쌈촌 Ssamchon

After receiving my first pay check in Korea, I wanted to treat my main co-teacher to dinner. She’s been helping me with everything in settling down here in Seoul and I wanted to show my appreciation. Since I recently sprained my ankle, we decided to go to a restaurant closer to my apartment and the school – which she had already suggested before. It’s called 쌈촌 Ssamchon or Vietnamese Summer Rolls & Roast & Shabu Shabu. This location is literally right across from building, which is very convenient since I plan to go back. Plus, they gave me a coupon/rewards card. I miss those. Anyways, there were three components of the meal. The first was the Vietnamese vegetable wraps and shabu shabu with the beef. Then there was the Vietnamese rice noodles that went into the nice soup created by the beef. Finally was this rice concoction made with eggs that become kind of like a congee but not. Coincidentally, it was also the restaurant’s one year anniversary, and so we got 2 servings plus 1 extra free serving. Definitely worth the 26,000 won.









  1. So many yummy restaurants… I will try and figure out a way to get there and you will take me to ALL of them lol. okay maybe not all… I don’t wanna go home 20 pounds heavier

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