Nakwon Instruments Arcade

For any one who once followed the Goguma couple on We Got Married (Korean dating variety show) – you would recognize this instruments arcade. The Nakwon Instruments Arcade was featured in one of the episodes when Yonghwa takes Seohyun to purchase her pink guitar. As J wanted to purchase a guitar, this is where we ended up. We even found the place where Seohyun did find her guitar – at least the picture outside the shop would indicate this fact. Aside from this K-Pop reference – the place is pretty cool; lots of instruments to the point where it can be a little overwhelming. If I wasn’t so tired and exhausted from fighting off the first symptoms of a cold, I think I’d have enjoyed the experience more. I think I’d want to go back – not sure if I’d invest in a guitar (even though I’d love for J to teach me properly) but maybe in a ukelele some time this year. Much cheaper and cute; and definitely a lot easier to take home with me.












  1. Omg!! I so want to go there! I can’t believe you watched WGM too~ Yongseo couple were my favorite! Where was this department located??

    • Of course I’ve watched it. Been following it since almost the beginning. Not so much for the newer couples. Lost interest. Hehe.
      This is at Jongno-3ga station. Are you coming to Korea soon?

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