[NOW CLOSED] Deli. Heinzburg

February 2015 Update: It is to the incredible disappoint of my friends in particular that Deli. Heinzburg has now closed. We never got to make our way back one more time before our two years in Korea were up.

I haven’t been to a restaurant that I didn’t like yet. Or rather, I’m always good with whatever I end up ordering, since I did order it myself. But there hasn’t been a restaurant that I wanted to go back to and started thinking about my next visit and what I would get. That is until I came to Deli. Heinzburg at Sinsa station with the boys. This was their second visit since the first time they went (boys’ night out), they were completely in love with the place and wouldn’t stop gushing about it. There were photos shared and stories about how delicious the meal was. So, even though I really wanted to stay in on Thursday night to rest, I wanted to see for myself what this place was like (among other reasons for going out).

The boys were definitely going for the burgers. But I couldn’t decide between a panini or the desserts. Considering that I’m still getting over my cold and sore throat, I thought it was a better choice to eat a proper meal. Not that I’ve had one in a couple of days since I haven’t had much of an appetite. I settled on the Pizza Primo Panini; the boys got the Jumbo Chicken Burger, The Lord of the Onion Rings, and the Casanova.

How to describe my panini experience? Well, for starters, it was delicious. I haven’t had an appetite since forever and this completely cured me of that. I can’t wait to go back to try something else. I’m taking JY with me when she comes to visit in two weeks. I want more. The boys did good, finding this restaurant. Did I say that I’m ready to go back for more?

It was pretty funny how accurate they were when we were talking before our meal – that it’d be silent because everyone would be too focused on their meal. Very true. And when there were moments of conversation, it centered around the food, the restaurant, and our next visit.

One particular moment that I remember was when the boys were just finishing their last bites:

J: “K, weren’t you worried that you wouldn’t be able to finish?”
K: “Yeah, but then you start…”
M: “And then you think why isn’t there more?”

I couldn’t have put it better myself.




My Pizza Primo Panini – salami, pepperoni, sun dried tomatoes, rucola, mozzarella, and Grana Padano.
J’s Jumbo Chicken Burger (entire boneless chicken leg in this burger).
K’s Casanova (BLT Classic) with Cheddarella.
M’s The Lord of the Onion Rings – the name says it all.



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