Dream Forest: Waiting for the Cherry Blossoms

I was really excited about this weekend because the cherry blossom festival has started in Seoul. We decided to go on a picnic to Dream Forest – rather than Yeouido (at least for now) since it’d be less busy. Unfortunately, perhaps because of the cold weather lately, the cherry blossoms have barely started blooming. But you can see the buds are ready – so perhaps sometime this week or next weekend – in which case, I’m going to be sure to return.

Even so, it was a beautiful Saturday to be out in a park. We had a variety of picnic things – some of which were bought last minute. We enjoyed ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery that J bought and kept chilled in his backpack. I spotted these boys wearing matching shirts – and name tags taped to their back – Running Man, kid style. We spent some time at the observatory. Though it is a pity that the cherry blossoms were not quite ready, I still really enjoyed my afternoon with J, K, and M. We’ll just have to find our cherry blossoms in the next couple of days.














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