Restaurant: Spannew

I have mixed feelings about this restaurant because although I loved the decor, the atmosphere, the food – it did make me cry. Our little group decided to find another option even though we were in Sinsa and the boys were very tempted to go back to Deli Heinzburg. But we stumbled upon this little restaurant. And even though we were deliberating for quite awhile downstairs, we realized that we may have found a good spot when we climbed up the stairs and looked into the restaurant. It was busy and the menu did look pretty appetizing.

I ended up getting the Spannew Pomodoro, which has cherry tomatoes, capers, garlic, onion, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and basil. It sounds appealing and delicious – and chances are, it was delicious. But I was having a little hard time telling because my taste buds were on fire. Even though a few of the others tried my sauce and claimed it to be not spicy, it was still way too hot for me. But I still managed to finish up all my pasta and cherry tomatoes – and ended up tearing up, maybe crying a little by the end of the meal, even though I left a lot of the sauce behind on the plate. Even so… I don’t think I’d mind coming back. I’d just be smarter next time and order another dish that doesn’t challenge my almost non-existent tolerance for spicy dishes.








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