Hangang Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

One of the things I was determined to see when I was in Korea were the cherry blossoms and while these beautiful trees are spread throughout the city, I had in my mind that picturesque landscape of the streets and path lined with cherry blossom trees in bloom. I was a little disappointed when I missed the cherry blossom festival in Jinhae, due to a busy weekend and poor planning. So, I was more determined to see the cherry blossoms in Seoul.

This walk from Yeouinaru Station to National Assembly Station was really nice, especially as it runs along the Han River as well. It was actually my first time seeing the Han River in person, and not while in a moving bus or subway train. And while it was really pretty finally seeing the cherry blossoms here in Seoul – the weather was also overcast, cloudy, and a little bit gloomy. Even so, I enjoyed the brisk walk. And even getting caught in the middle of a contemporary dance performance without realizing it until it was too late to move away from that spot.

Part of the festival’s attractions are the lights that light up the trees once it got dark. While, I thought the natural lights were really pretty and it enabled you to see the trees and walk through the festival, I wasn’t a big fan of the coloured lighting. Especially the colour red which made the trees look quite eerie and spooky, with a hint of a horror movie backdrop. I can definitely see how the lights may be appealing and it is a vision to see. But I think I’d prefer my cherry blossoms naturally as they are any day.

I really want to hit up on other locations to see the cherry blossoms. Maybe the weather will cooperate a little more in the next few days.


















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