Kyung Hee University: Cherry Blossoms on Campus

It was such a nice Wednesday afternoon that even though J and I had plans to stay in at first, I suggested that we go out for a walk. I have been keeping an eye out for other recommended cherry blossom or spring flower locations to go to and we decided to go to one that is a little closer to home. Just twenty minutes away from home is Hoegi station, where Kyung Hee University is. I read about how there were thousands of cherry blossom trees on campus and that it is usually a popular tourist location. It wasn’t hard to see why when we got there.

The campus is, simply put, beautiful. From the natural aspects of the campus to the architecture of the building – it was a place where I’d have loved to attend for my university education, if only based on its campus. Plus, in a little impromptu research by J on the walk to the campus, we found out that it is known as Celebrity University. A few of the notable Korean entertainers who attended/graduated from here include G-Dragon, Daesung, Han Ga In, Yonghwa, Lee Hongki, Micky Yoochun, KyuHyun (SJ) and the list goes on.

Campus aside, I was really there for the cherry blossoms and I wasn’t disappointed. The paths on campus are lined with the trees and makes for a very pleasant walk. The thing with me is that despite having seen countless cherry blossoms now, I’m still fascinated with them. I don’t think that seeing the cherry blossom multiple times takes away from the beauty of them. I have a thing for flower trees. Especially when they’re all in bloom and seem to form some sort of canopy in the sky.

I wonder where my search for cherry blossoms will lead me next?


















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