Lotte World on Buddha’s Birthday

Coincidentally, Korea and Canada had long weekends on the same weekend. Difference being that mine in Seoul started on the Friday and back home was the Saturday to Monday. Plus the whole Buddha’s Birthday here in Seoul and Victoria Day back home. Although my friends and I have been talking about possible plans for the long weekends this year, we didn’t actually get around to planning properly. Luckily another friend – A – suggested a day at the amusement park. And thus, my first time at Lotte World.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first went up the escalators and realized that the amusement park was indoors. Despite having known and watched Korean variety shows that went to Lotte World, it still came as a bit of a surprise to me. The entire place was a little overwhelming – as were the amount of people who decided to go to Lotte World on the national holiday.

It was fun once we decided on rides to go on – which we decided to do in the outdoor area of the amusement park. Lotte World has a little castle of its own – not quite as impressive as the ones at Disney World though. We ended up going on three rides – each was an average wait time of an hour. Not too bad, since I’m used to waiting around that time for rides at Wonderland back home in Ontario. Plus, I checked off a Korean cultural thing I wanted to do at an amusement park – buy a cute headband to wear. However, I have been told by my Korean co-teacher that during the summer on the weekdays, there are hardly lines at all.

Well, that decides it. I’m going back to Lotte World.
For the roller coasters – which we didn’t get to, unfortunately.
For the ice skating rink.







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