Hostel: Guesthouse Korea Haeundae

After much discussion, we decided to stay in a hostel when we went to Busan. We booked it pretty late and thus, only booked Guesthouse Korea Haeundae after realizing that the other two or three hostels we were looking at had no room availability.




Guesthouse Korea Haeundae was right by Haeundae Beach – a big factor in our hostel search. The hostel was clean, nice, and felt safe enough. The hostel owner was also friendly and helpful enough. He spoke English – which always makes things a little easier for us. For the two nights we were there – Friday night to Sunday – it cost us 70,000 won each for a six bed room. I don’t remember the last time I slept in a bunk bed. We also got free breakfast in the morning – toast, cereal, and juice.


Although there was a little milk incident on our first morning, the overall hostel experience was a pleasant one.


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