Kisoya in Gyeongju

I feel like a good traveler shouldn’t follow things in a travel guide to the letter. But when it comes to food, if I don’t have a place in mind or an idea of where to go… I would settle for anything. Or just not eat. Which is why I decided to listen to my travel guide and try a recommendation for my first meal in Gyeongju.




By the time I found this place – I had just gotten off the bus and didn’t really know where I was – I was really hungry and hot. Which created the perfect circumstances for soba. I really liked the fact that they had an extra bowl of the soup (?) for the noodles, just in case you finished the first. But I was a little confused at first and had to ask the nice Korean lady what it was. Also, I don’t think I’ve had the option of sesame seeds for it before. I usually don’t like sesame but I thought “When in Korea…” It wasn’t bad.




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