Rain to Shine: Seoul to Gyeongju

There’s nothing like traveling out of your city to realize how different the weather can change. Small as South Korea can be – it’s big enough to make you experience two completely different weather conditions within two hours of each other. I left my apartment in Seoul on Monday morning to gray skies and lots of rainfall. I nearly fell onto the street because I didn’t notice a pothole completely filled with rain water. Luckily, I had my trusted red Hunters rainboots. Which, unfortunately for me, I did not need at all in Gyeongju. Nothing like red rainboots in hot and humid weather to make me stick out like a tourist.

Seoul, Monday morning.
Seoul station.
Heading in the Daejeon direction.


Just 10-15 minutes out of Seoul…
Clear skies and humidity in Gyeongju
KTX runs directly to Singyeongju Station (literally, New Gyeongju), not Gyeongju Station.




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