HanJin Hostel Gyeongju

As I was searching for a hostel for my trip, I kept reading great reviews about HanJin Hostel. The owner was reputed to be an English-speaking, friendly, tourist guide-like, sort of guy. And they were right. While the HanJin Hostel wasn’t the newest accomodation one could choose, it made up for it by the service. I felt welcomed to Gyeongju right away and I was given an upgrade to my room. From a single private room to a single private ensuite. Nothing like my own bathroom to make me warm up to the place. I was also given a lot of advice about what to do and see in Gyeongju and was provided with a custom map to make things easier for me.

Only thing that wasn’t so great for me – the humidity in the room during the night. Not even having the fan run all night helped. It could just be the weather and not the hostel. Still, the nights were pretty restless for me.

Overall though, it was another good hostel experience.





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