Tumuli in Noseo-dong

Gyeongju has a historical vibe to it. It was once the capital city of Silla, back in ancient Korean times. And a lot of this history remains in the landscape of the city. What seemed like hills at first turned out to be all the tombs and burial mounds of the great Korean kings and royals. While it must be a little strange turning these areas into a park area, I think it’s also fascinating and interesting the way Koreans embrace their long history. The tombs are spread out in the area and in Noseo-dong, where my hostel was also located were three particular tombs. One of which is the largest from the Silla period – Bonghwadae.






My thoughts when I got to Bonghwadae:
– I really want to climb this. (Don’t worry, I didn’t.)
– I wonder who mows the grass on the burial mounds.
– And how do they do it since it’s so steep?




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