O’Sulloc Tea House

A friend of mine, who taught in Korea for two years before going to Dubai to teach, came to Seoul for a little visit before her second year back in Dubai. We decided to meet up for dinner and for our second round, we went to O’Sulloc Tea House in Myeongdong.

This specialty tea shop is from Jeju Island where all the tea is grown at the plantations on the island. You can drink tea and have some cake in the shop or buy the packaged tea leaves to make your own Jeju tea at home. You can smell little samples of these teas to give you an idea of the flavour. Unfortunately, I found my favourite in the storefront area but the tea shop itself didn’t have it on its menu to buy and enjoy in the tea shop.


We both got a hot Jeju Orchid Green Tea and shared a green tea cake. With each of our teas, we got little complimentary tea biscuits. I loved the tea and the cake but the biscuits weren’t really my thing. I’d go back again though, especially if I’m already in the Myeongdong area as parts of the seating area is really comfortable and there’s nothing like a cup of hot green tea after shopping.



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