Battered Sole

For any one interested in some fish & chips, there is a little place in Sinchon that’s been approved by an English friend of mine. One is quite knowledgeable when it comes to this Great Britain dish.


On arrival at the restaurant, you are greeted by Great Britain flags and the Queen herself.


The menu itself only has a few dishes but it is a place that focuses on its fish & chips, sausages & chips, and of course, extras. We went with the beer-battered cod, which I was told is the better fish and it’s not actually beer in the batter, but a style of the batter.



This was my first fish & chips, to the surprise of many. But I’ve never been a fan of deep fried and battered food so I have never voluntarily sought out this experience. And while I really did like it, I don’t think it’s something that I’d really be keen to eat again. Way too much batter, fried food-ness, and food in general for this girl.


Nevertheless, thank you to M for taking us to try this place. It seemed quite appropriate to try it for the first time with an Englishman.


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