Caffe Bene: Mango Bingsoo

This is a pretty late summer-in-Seoul sort of experience. But somehow I just never had a proper bingsoo in Korea until last night. With summer’s end approaching, it became more vital for me to finally try and experience the bingsoo in Korea. Upon recommendation from M (who has become quite experienced with bingsoo this past summer), we decided to go for the mango bingsoo at Caffe Bene. Thus, after a dinner in Sinchon and a fun walking adventure towards Hongdae, we made our way to dessert.

The mango bingsoo had mango, ice, and lemon ice cream. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. But it was surprisingly, a very unique and delicious combination. I can definitely see why Koreans really like to get their bingsoo on during the summer. Perhaps I’ll have a chance to try another one before most places stop serving them (it’s a seasonal thing) or it’s just too cold to have bingsoo.



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