les deux plats

I have been to Itaewon a total of three times now, I believe. Maybe even only twice. While this is sometimes a favourite Seoul location for foreigners because of all the Western food establishments, bars, and stores, I actually don’t like this place. I feel like there is way too many foreigners in the area. Which is ironic since I am a foreigner myself. Nevertheless, I wanted to try this particular restaurant after the boy sent me photos from when he went with his parents.

les deux plats is a restaurant and lounge. We went for an early dinner so we had a chance to eat on the roof, which turns into the lounge after a certain point in the evening. I really did like the atmosphere and general feel of the restaurant although the music was projected tv left something to be desired.



I have yet to eat garlic bread that I like here in Seoul. I feel like the Korean style garlic bread has way too much garlic and is soggy. I miss garlic bread from Toronto.


Our drinks. My mango smoothie and his blue lemonade. I’d admit it, I just really wanted to drink a smoothie out of a glass jar/mug.



His bread pasta. Not too bad. The bread was really soft.


My Vongole. It was pretty good and out-of-character for me since I usually don’t eat oil pastas. The only two things – I didn’t recognize these little red things in it… took a bite… and it turned out to be red chili peppers. Mouth was on fire. And the thing with eating an oil pasta is seeing all the oil at the bottom of the plate as you begin to clear it. Even if it’s olive oil, the sight of anything too oily and deep fried makes me cringe a little.


All in all, the experience was really nice. Even more special was that my boy took me here to “wine and dine” me. Hehe. It’s a really pretty building from the outside. I think I’d like eating here again on the second floor since the interior is actually quite pretty compared to the roof.



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