Coffee Prince Cafe

For any fans of the Korean drama, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, I recently had a coffee date with a friend at the filming location itself in Hongdae.

There’s something quite amazing being able to see and sit and get a drink at a place that you can recognize from a drama. The cafe was exactly as I remembered it – in fact, I recognized it in the dark from a distance before I even actually went in search of it. The cafe clearly still capitalizes on the drama and has memorabilia from it. There is the sunflower mural, the bar area is still like it was in the drama, the menu for the drama is there (but there is a separate, real menu for the cafe now), and there is signatures from the cast and crew of the drama on display inside.

The cafe itself has a really nice atmosphere. It’s a nice open space with comfortable seating. But to be honest, unless you’re a fan of the drama and really want to go for the fan experience, I wouldn’t recommend just going for coffee. The drinks and waffles were pretty expensive. Cup of coffee was about 7000 won, while my smoothie was 8000 won.




The sunflower mural
Bar area. The wait staff was always just hanging around this area and watching the customers. And it was interesting to see only one female employee on the staff (like in the drama?) but you could obviously tell who the female is. Plus, I have to say, there was one really cute employee there – not pictured. I wonder if they hire based on the drama too – pretty flower boys.
Yoo Eun Hye and Gong Yoo’s autographs.



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