Seongsanpo Village

We actually arrived in Jeju with no place of accommodation for our one night on the island. When we tried calling Seongsanpo Village, as recommended by our trusty travel guide, we were told by the person on the other end that it was the wrong number. And thus, we decided to just take our chances and show up. Luckily, as it is the end of the the summer season in September, we were lucky enough to get a room with a balcony, with a view of the beach and Seongsan Ilchulbong. The place was big and clean. It included a TV and a little kitchen area.






On the ground floor is a restaurant that served mostly seafood. Which isn’t exactly my idea of breakfast the next morning and thus we only got vegetable bibimbap. But they were really kind to us and gave us a fish on the house. I’d definitely come back to stay with them again if I wanted to stay in the Seongsan area on Jeju again.





    • It was 60,000₩ for the beach view room. No beach is 50,000₩. Unfortunately, I don’t have the number but I got the feeling that if you go anytime but summer, there would be vacant rooms for rent. Low season. But there was a lot of 민박 (rooms to stay the night) in this area if they are full. Very friendly and helpful people.

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