Viking: Oakwood Premier Buffet

Eating out on Chuseok is limited as there are not a lot of places open. In the hotel itself, our choices included a Chinese restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and a bistro. But another option was the premier buffet – and although it was a little pricier than we tend to spend on food, we decided to complete the “lavish” night out. The buffet dinner cost 40,000 won each person, compared to the 36,000 won if we had gone on a weekday. (Chuseok = national holiday)



The food was amazing though. And it was definitely one of those eating experiences where you are definitely eating your worth in quality, and not necessarily quantity.

My first plate – Romane salad, jellyfish, squid and seafood salad, broccoli, penne, and smoked salmon.


The buffet had its own little Japanese island, with a chef keeping things well-stocked. I got sashimi, sushi, snails, mussels, and smoked salmon (again.)


As this is still Korea, there is a good selection for food from the country. Such as pork and lettuce wraps, japchae, and other meat and vegetable dishes.


The boy and his salad, rice, dumplings, and beef ribs.


My idea of dessert.

IMG_8003His idea of dessert.



If I had the money to afford it, this would be more monthly spot for dinner. The food was delicious and filling. I couldn’t even venture into the noodle corner, the dimsum area, or the soft ice cream machine. Definitely worth a visit for those wishing to spend a little more on a night out.


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