Grill5 Taco

Grill5 Taco is a taco chain in Seoul and to be quite honest, I wouldn’t have went purposely to eat tacos, much less in Apgujeong Rodeo if Donghae from Super Junior hadn’t recently opened one. So together with A and J, we trekked down to this store and tried the food. And hoped to see some celebrities while we were there. Unfortunately, Donghae and some of the other SJ boys had left for Europe and we didn’t see any celebrities that night.


The only person we did see – and only because of A’s knowledge was Donghae’s older brother. He’s the manager here and was the one who took our orders.


A and J each got tacos while I chose to try a quesadilla. It wasn’t bad. Quite filling.


We also decided to try their Buffalo fries which were pretty scrumptious. If I were to come again, I think I’d go for just the fries.



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