Mouse Rabbit Cafe

Mouse Rabbit is a little cafe in the Konkuk University area that is known to Super Junior fans. It is run by Yesung of the K-Pop ground and his brother. After some deductive reasoning, I figured out that the mouse is Yesung’s zodiac animal and the rabbit is his brother’s. Around the cafe is images of Yesung, his brother, and Super Junior. Quite the spot for fans as it is said that Yesung comes to help out the family quite often. Once again, didn’t quite make the appearance when I went.


We each got a drink while A and I decided to share the mango grapefruit bingsoo. It was delicious. Honestly, I would return to try more of the menu options, a decision that has nothing to do with the K-pop relation.


The interior of the cafe is also very charming and cute. I loved the atmosphere and the way in which the space of the entire place was used. It’s definitely worth a visit for a cafe experience in Seoul.


Like the pyrex measuring cup for our bingsoo? I loved it.



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