Japanese Noodles in a Hole in the Wall in Osaka

There’s nothing like wandering around a strange, foreign city looking for your first proper meal of the day. After walking through a shopping and eating arcade where restaurants weren’t going to open till after 11, we found this little place on the main street in the southern Umeda area. It was one of those little places where you order from a machine. I’ve seen and eaten at a place that used the same system in Seoul. Luckily, the menus outside had pictures and we were able to try to depict what the menu had to offer. Plus, my ability to read Chinese actually did help as the Japanese language uses a lot of these characters.



JT and I both got the same beef noodles. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a bowl of noodles that were steaming hot to this point. It was pretty good, if a little salty. The noodles were like a flat version of udon and the beef was really delicious.




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