Souvenir Shops of Osaka

I find it a little interesting and revealing about a place based on the souvenirs they sell. Osaka was no different and you are quick to learn (if you didn’t research beforehand) what sort of food and pop culture is from that city or country. In Osaka’s case, this consisted of octopus, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, blowfish, Osaka Castle, Tsutenku Tower, Pokemon, Stitch, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.







And then the packages of Japanese snacks and confectionary for souvenirs or gifts for friends and families back home. You can get biscuits, Pocky, and apparently, this set of body part-shaped… thing. I still have not figured out what it is. I think you eat it though.



One comment

  1. I suppose it’s some sort of puddin or cream. It’s quite amazing what one will come across in Japanese stores! I found a Darth Vader mask that you use to put on lipstick (!) Thanks for sharing!

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