Overwhelmed in an Anime and Gamer’s Paradise: Nippombashi DENDEN Town

We were on our way (or looking for our way) to Namba Parks – which turned out to be so disappointing that I didn’t bother to take photos and it shall not be mentioned aside from this brief mention here. But instead, we stumbled along the Nippombashi DENDEN Town. It’s a street in the Namba area that is known for all the electronic stores – but there has been a new rise in a different sort of store here now – that of animation and gaming. We decided to venture into one after I spotted some Pokemon dolls outside (not for me, but for the boy) and it was absolutely crazy. It was aisles upon aisles, racks upon racks of little anime action figures, keychains, and any collectible an anime fangirl or fanboy could want. So overwhelming that this anime fangirl could not even bother to start looking for any favourite anime characters – my mind went blank and froze up. It wasn’t until the very end, looking through a little area that I came away with two purchases – keychain mystery boxes for the Fate Zero and Fate Stay Night series. I would totally return to this street next time – and be properly prepared to know what to look for.





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