Osaka Unlimited Pass, One Day

For a few days prior to our trip, we were trying to figure out the best way to travel around Osaka. From what we could find out, it was best to get one of Osaka’s unlimited passes but we weren’t sure on which one and when to get it. We arrived in Osaka really late on Friday night and barely made the last train into Osaka – we still needed to taxi it to the hotel from a certain point.

Nevertheless, on Saturday morning, we made our way to the subway station by our hotel and asked the station workers about purchasing the Osaka Unlimited Pass. The men working there were really friendly and courteous and brought us to the station office to get the passes. I thought it was really cute how the office was decorated in such a festive manner.

The Osaka Unlimited Pass for one day is a really great pass to get. We paid 2000 yen (about $20.00) and it included the transportation card (a nice little souvenir now). It also includes vouchers and a book that explains what the vouchers can be used for. Which is all in Japanese – but you are also able to figure out what they are for based on the pictures and it includes locations for where you can use it.



Was it worth it? Definitely, even though we only used three out of over 30 vouchers. And as long as you make sure you use it all within the day. It’s a day pass. We used the ones for the Osaka Castle Museum, the Floating Garden Observatory, and the HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel. Osaka Castle Museum is 600 yen, the Floating Garden Observatory is 700 yen, and the HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel is 500 yen. All of which adds up to 1800 yen. Take into account that we got on and off the subway at least five times that day, each of which would have cost over 100 yen, and we definitely used the Osaka Unlimited Pass for its value and more.

From what I know, if you decide to purchase the Osaka Unlimited Pass, two-days, it comes with unlimited transportation and discounts for many places. Discounts, not vouchers. I think that maybe it would make sense if you have two full days to go to more places but as we were limited to a weekend, the one day pass was more than enough for us.


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