Myeongdong Pizzeria

A little random find in Myeongdong again. (I love Myeongdong~) It’s a little pizzeria with the kind of ambience that I love. The atmosphere and decor of restaurants and cafes in Korea is part of why I love eating out here way more than I ever did back home in Toronto.


It was a little amusing the names of the different food items on the menu.


IMG_8654We ended up ordering the I’m Full, Bolognese Spinacio Lasagne as our pasta dish. This was okay – I liked the taste of spinach with it but I wasn’t too happy with the egg that surrounded the main lasagna piece. It made me miss homemade lasagna from back home. (Anyone want to make it for me when I come home to visit?)


We also decided to get a pizza – I’m Healthy, Rucola Insalata. This was pretty much like a salad on top of a plain pizza. I felt like we could have just had ordered a salad.






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