Cafe Droptop

In search of something hot to drink after a few hours of shopping at 명동, J decided to take me to a cafe that’s apparently a popular filming location for Korean dramas. According to J, Secret Garden was filmed here and a recent Google search suggests that the new drama with Jang Guen Suk – Pretty Boy – is too. Not sure if it’s true but regardless, we were here on a non-filming day and I quite liked the atmosphere of this cafe.


There were different levels to the cafe and a beautiful Christmas tree since it’s the holidays. Seoul, on a whole, knows how to do up the holidays. Sorry for the blurry photos.


On some of the tables in the cafe is a Samsung tablet in the table. One can play games and surf the internet as they wait for their orders, or a friend, or just enjoying some cafe time on their own.


I ordered a hot chocolate and souffle cheese cake. All pretty good – but I needed to defrost the cheese cake a little more by myself because they took it out of the freezer recently. But once it was defrosted, yummy.



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