KFC, Korea

I tend not to eat fast food while in Korea. There are multiple reasons behind this: healthy living, cheaper alternatives, and why eat something that you can eat back home. Every so often, I do find myself in a fast food chain though. And I think it can be a good aspect to consider the different culture now.

This was my first time at a KFC in Korea and much of the menu is similar to home. The main difference that I noticed were the Chicken Bulgogi Burger, the usual Korean addition to international food chains here. I think there are also a lot more burger options here – but this could be because I’m not too familiar with the menu back home in Canada.

We decided to go with the Chicken & Tower Pack that came with two pieces of chicken, a Zinger Burger, a Tower Burger,  and two medium cokes.




As usual, the food tasted like fast food. Did its job to satisfy my need to eat. It’s like KFC back at home, with its labels and wrappings in Korean.


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