Chinese Restaurant: 태영성 太陽城

Surrounding the Jongmyo Shrine are a lot of gold jewelry stores. Thus, it was a little hard looking for a place to eat before heading to the shrine. But in the midst of all the gold, we found a little Chinese restaurant in the basement of a building. I’ve generally stayed away from Chinese restaurants in Korea but sometimes when you’re starving, you eat whatever you can.




I ordered the japchae rice and J got the jjajangmyun. My japchae rice was very peppery and spicy but I managed to eat most of it. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much onions in my japchae though.



It’s not exactly a place I’d be rushing back to anytime soon but it does make for a good quick bite to eat before joining a free guided tour at Jongmyo Shrine.


Where is it? I wish I could say exactly – just head out of Jongno-3 Station towards the shrine. But before you head into the street to the shrine, there are many jewelry stores on your left – just wander through. Maybe ask someone there – I’m pretty sure there is but this one Chinese restaurant in this vicinity.


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