The Second Best Place in Seoul

That’s what this tea house is called. Not a ranking system that I have for myself. The Second Best Place in Korea (clever name, I have to admit) is a little dessert and tea house along Samcheongdonggil that is quite popular with both Koreans and foreigners. This place is best known for its red bean soup. Though I’m not a fan of red bean, I ended up here with a friend who loves it.

We were a little confused about where to go in for this little dessert tea house because there was a Korean sign with an arrow on the door. So I thought that maybe the entrance was on the side of the building. But we realized soon after that it was to indicate how to line up in front of the place. We got there just before a crowd of people and only had to wait ten minutes tops for a seat in this little quaint place.


Noticing that we were foreigners, the Korean ahjumma kindly gave us their foreigner-friendly menus. Pictures definitely help because the English names on the menu don’t really give much to describe what the items are.



J got the red bean dessert while I went with a persimmon tea.


I thought it was quite fascinating that an entire dried persimmon was inside the cold tea dessert. Did it taste good? I thought it was nice and sweet but what kept me from finishing it was this prickly aftertaste in my throat. After awhile, it got too irritating for me to attempt to finish it.


While there was a constant line outside the place, there was also a window where one could order the dessert of their choice to go.


To get to this little charming dessert tea house – highly recommended by Koreans and foreigners alike – go to Anguk Station, and exit 1. Head straight from the exit and turn right when you reach the gate of a school. Walk straight through here towards Samcheongdonggil. And just keep walking straight down this famous road in Seoul until you reach it – it will be on your right. You end up passing all the other cafes and restaurants and shops before you reach this one – it’s basically near the end of the road. I like walking in this area so I don’t mind the walk. But I’m sure you can taxi it if you tell the driver where you want to go.



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