Tartine Too…

Tartine is well known amongst those in Seoul who like tarts and desserts. And it’s true, anyone who passes by their windows can’t help but look in to see all their delicious food. For us, we decided to visit Tartine Too… which is right across the street from the bakery for some western-style brunch.



Inside the restaurant, one can also order their delicious tarts and eat it here.


For us, we came purposely for their brunch menu.


The decor inside reminds me of many brunch places back home in Toronto too. It had a very warm and comfortable atmosphere. That, plus the food, definitely brought back many memories of brunch in Toronto.



I decided to go with the Simple Breakfast – my choice of 2 pancakes, 1 sage sausage, and 2 scrambled eggs. I also got a drinking chocolate which is made of crushed rich dark Belgium chocolate. I don’t think I’ve ever drank anything quite as chocolaty as this.


My coworker went with the Brender’s German Pancake Breakfast that came with the Brender’s German pancake, 2 fried eggs, and hash browns.


A very satisfying meal to say the least. I’d definitely return here if I was ever in the mood for brunch.

To get to Tartine and Tartine Too…, go to Itaewon Station and exit 1. Walk straight and turn right into the first alley. Just look for the delicious tarts in the windows.


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