I have been dying to go to this tea house since I first saw it months ago, walking towards Samcheongdong. I just think it’s so quaint and cute – as many places in Seoul are. Finally had the chance after dinner one night with a coworker. The tea house is called egg – no idea why that is but not knowing only adds to the charm of the place for me.


There are little seats by the windows that I really wanted to sit at – but the cold weather only made these particular seats feel even colder so we found a slightly warmer table next to it.


When you order tea, they bring you these flower-shaped tea pot holders so that your tea stays warm. Genius.


My lavender tea in its western style tea pot and cup. My coworker got a chrysanthemum tea in a more Asian style tea pot and cup.


Such a charming and quaint place for a nice cup of warm tea and good conversation. I’d definitely come back – if I didn’t want to also try new tea houses in this area.


To get here, go to Anguk Station, exit 1. Turn right at the school and walk past the two or three gated schools. This will be the first tea house on the left hand side once you reach the shopping and tea house area of Samcheongdong.


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