Hello Kitty Cafe, Hongdae

After coming to the Hongdae location of the Hello Kitty Cafe, I think I much preferred the one in Hyehwa, which I have heard recently closed. Nevertheless, this location is frequented by more tourists as it is in a popular tourist and shopping area. And the exterior of the cafe is a lot cuter and Hello Kitty-d up. I had heard stories about how this one is generally overcrowded and a complete mess because of the traffic it gets. But we must have went when it wasn’t too busy. Although most of the tables were occupied, there was constant moving as people came and went. Also, this location was supposed to have had its walls completely written on by its many patrons but they must have repainted the walls and posted new signs asking for “no scribbling” since. All in all, a cute cafe for the proper Korean (though HK is Japanese) experience.


As with the location in Hyehwa, it’s a very pink place – as expected from Hello Kitty.








  1. Hi there~ enjoyed the pictures of your blog well. Great pictures you had there! Anyway, I went to HK cafe Hongdae before too but it was kinda late that time… around 10 pm and it was not crowded at all but still, I still felt a little crampy… perhaps due to the size and the interior… the drinks and food were too pretty and cute to be consumed too… hahahah

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