Kodachaya 코다차야

Perhaps one of the best meals I’ve had in awhile took place as a restaurant called 코다차야. There are multiple locations around the city and I’ve visited the one near 신사 Sinsa Station. It was really cute with a mock subway sign for the restaurant.


The restaurant is set up in a Japanese street-food style sort of layout. There were different stations around the restaurant with different types of food and you go to the station with your buzzer to order. Once the cook finishes making your order, they buzz you and you go get it.

There were many different dishes to choose from and we went with the 삼겹살속주볶음 (stir-fried pork), 김치볶음밥 (kimchi fried rice with egg/cheese?), and the 나가사키 짬뽕 (seafood stew). We were still a little hungry and ordered a beef dish – but it was a little disappoints and completely overpriced. But definitely, the meal in general was pretty good.

It was one of those nights – good food, good company, great night.



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