Gyeonghuigung 경희궁

Although it was once a secondary palace of the five grand palaces in Seoul, Gyeonghuigung has a much more quieter atmosphere and location than the others. The architecture and formation of this palace is not what it once was – having changed multiple times because of destruction and reconstruction through its turbulent years.

Unlike the other palaces, there is no entry fee to this palace. It’s not quite as popular as the other palaces I’ve been to either – just a few families and the usual group of students there for the weekend cultural lessons.

It’s got quite a simple layout with an interesting rock garden (if you will) in the back. The location of the palace was chosen because of this rock – and aptly named Wangam, or King’s Rock. I liked how you could also see the mountains behind the palace.


The best I could do as a selfish with just my cell phone, self-timer app, and the ground in front of the building.

I believe that this is the last of the five great palaces of Seoul. But there is one other palace I know of in Seoul – and then I would have visited all of them in Seoul. Another travel to-do accomplished.


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